Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising

Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising 1.0

Typhoon rising is set in Indonesia, the sprawling archipelago nation
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Joint Operations: Typhoon rising, the gaming software from Novalogic is set in Indonesia, the sprawling archipelago nation. After a volatile religious and ethnic violence a joint force of western countries is coming down to the country to control the situation. The game can be played online with up to 150 players or you can play it on LAN with about 64 players. As a gamer, you can choose between the factions, whether you want to be a part of the Joint Force or whether you want to be a well-armed separatist, who fight for the independence of the nation. Next, you choose a character class to play, each with its own distinct weapons and equipment like the rifleman who gets the rocket launcher, the gunner that has access to the heavy machine guns and so on. There is enough choice for you to select the best launcher, machine gun etc. The game also takes into account the amount of weight in weapons and ammunition that you carry, so a lightly encumbered player can run faster than a heavily encumbered one.
This game covers a large area of the country with around 30 maps to war across and each map covers approximately 60 square kilometer. This software tries to give a real world fighting scene rather than a bunch of players running around haphazardly. The helicopters circle around you and the buzz of the chain gun can be heard over the sound of the rotors while a hail of bullets rain down. If you don’t use a concealment to cover your location your head will easily be taken off by a bullet. You can learn the lessons of how to handle the weapons and the warfare tactics through the 12 training missions. You can also learn to choose your character from 5 classes. The characters range from Rifle man to medic and also from 7 countries.

Typhoon Rising is a game for the people who love adventure.

R. Fernandez
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  • Multiplayer with around 150 online players, selection of characters and the modern day weapons


  • Doesn’t support some sound cards, inability to simultaneously operate a vehicle and its weapons
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